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About Earthbound

Organic Skin Care, Company background

"Earthbound Organics is based in Wales and makes Organic skin care products such as; Organic Face Gels and Creams, Baby Soaps, Cleansers, Gels and Toners. Most of the ingredients used are certified organic and wild crafted; all of them are natural. We hand pick some of our ingredients from the hedgerows and the Welsh countryside including: Plantain and Comfrey.Those not indigenous to Wales are bought from approved organic herb suppliers.We grow Calendula.

I, (Jo) believe that organic skin care shouldn't cost the earth and what goes on our body also goes in. Thus it is the high quality and purity of our ingredients that are the most important part of our production.

Significantly we don't add in any chemical preservatives such as any of the parabens. All our ingredients are listed and will be recognised as ingredients found in any kitchen and herb garden. It is this and the simplicity of her recipes that feed and nurture the skin leaving it glowing with health and vitality.

Jo and her husband travelled to various parts of Colombia in 2018 in search of new oils. After a long motorbike journey over the chill of the cordillera and along a road lined with wild orchids they came to the beautiful exotic tropics of the Putamayo. Here they met an amazing couple who had begun a small cooperative helping farmers with less than an acre of land grow Sacha inchi organically without any negative effect on the exisiting biodiversity.They taught the farmers the simplicity of growing without cutting down trees, creating organic compost and fertiliser from kitchen waste and worms. We had the pleasure of visiting one such farmer who couldn't thank the couple enough for helping him, for harvesting for him when he was ill and providing him with a simple wood burning stove. They also guaranteed the price for the nuts to reamin constant throughout the year. Once the oil is extracted, a flour is left which is extremely high in nutrients and 98% protein. This is returned to the farmers who feed it to their animals and having seen the size of the chickens and heard about the double yoked eggs I can only deduce that this may be the cause.

On Jo's return to Wales, she was inspired by the people and the beautiful oils they produces to make 2 new products; the facial oils 



The Ingredients and their properties are all listed on the home page, INGREDIENT DESCRIPTIONS

Beeswax is used in all the creams and is from a special bee keeper living close to Jo in the welsh hills. 

Apart from making creams, gardening and beekeeping, I also love animals and we have 2 horses, 15 retired sheep and a cat that adopted us, on our farm. They are a constant source of joy and a huge part of our lives. So if you follow me on facebook or instgram you will see plents of pictures of them all.