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Baby's Soap (75g approx)



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A bubbly soap bar for babies containing Calendula petals for all soft and sensitive skin; a gentle cleansing soap which soothes and moisturises.

Ingredients; Coconut oil * (saponified), Calendula oil * (saponified), Chamomile oil *(saponified),Carrot oil * (saponified), Spring Water, Lavender essential Oil, Benzoin, Vitamin E. * = organic ingredients.

I love the baby soap. I've used it for all three of my children. It smells absolutely wonderful and is so gentle on the skin. Does not dry the skin. This soap was amazing for my daughter who had ecxzema. She could use a soap that treated her skin kindly as well as something that smells nice (which for a child with eczema who has to avoid scented products, means a lot!). I've also used the soap for shaving and used it as a shampoo on the children. It foams so well that you can do this! What a versatile and fantastic soap! Thyank you Jo for such great products!

This is just an amazing soap. All my kids love it, not only does it make the skin feel soft and moisturised its great for sensitive skin too.

My favourite soap of the collection!
The things I like about this soap are the things I like about Earthbound in general: a product that has a subtle but delicious smell, it treats your skin with utter respect and leaves it feeling soft. I use it for myself!