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Cream Cleanser (50ml)



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A cleanser that's perfect for removing makeup and at the same time the calendula heals,  the chamomile calms the skin & the Rosewater balances, leaving your skin fresh and glowing.

Ingredients; Rosewater *, Sunflower oil*, Camomile *, Calendula *, Carrot oil *, beeswax. *  Preservative Eco - benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin & sorbic acid * = Organic Ingredients

How to Use: Put small amount on cotton wool/muslin cloth, wipe over face, wipe off, then rinse with warm water.

I loved this cleanser! Finally something that hasn't broken me out and nor has it made my sensitive red rosacea skin worse. This has really soothed my rosacea and i am so grateful i discovered this amazing company!

My new favourite cleanser, hands down! I love using thick, rich cleansers at night time, but I find so many of them leave my skin feeling waxy and oily, even after polishing off with a hot cloth. This is not the case with Jo's fabulous balm; it removes makeup easily and feels so nourishing. Sometimes, when my skin is extra dry, I use it neat at a rescue balm and it works wonders.

I am obsessed with this gorgeous cleanser. It removes all traces of any makeup including mascara, and it feels so nourishing. Sometimes when my skin is really troubled and dry I apply this cleanser as a rescue balm and it soothes beautifully.

Amazing cleansing cream, received a few days back and haven't stopped using, skin feels wonderful, love the texture and efficiency of cleanser, definitely recommend for all make up removal.

Another great product! I use it to take off the remaining on my makeup, just that last extra bit of cleansing... Amazing what it does.

Thanks earthbound

I love this cleanser.

Without any nasty chemicals, it removes my make-up easily. I'm particularly impressed with how quickly and easily it seems to "melt away" my mascara.

I was pleasantly surprised with this cream cleanser as it is more like a cleansing balm than cream but it leaves my face so soft. I don't think I would use it alone as my skin is oily but it is a great makeup remover.

Thank you very much Earthbound'. I had ordered this cream cleanser and the avocado cream.
These products are fantastic. This cream cleanser is so rich and soothing and I am highly impressed with your service with a thank you note.
I definitely believe in keeping products simple - drugstore brands, are nothing but toxic skincare, not for me, only natural/organic products will do. So thanks for creating such products. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Ravinder

It is really a good cleanser. Thank you earthbound!!!

I have seborrheic dermatitis and very sensitive skin and this cleanser saved my face. It's the only cleanser that didn't dry out my skin or cause a reaction. Fabulous product. I use it with the Lavender toner and the scrub once a week. My skin is soft, clean and is helping my uneven skin tone.