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Arnica & ginger balm LARGE (120ml)



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I highly reccomend this for all families, walkers and builders! A wonderful balm for after sports or physical work. It works well on muscular tension such as that found in the neck and shoulders. N.B. Should not be used on broken skin. Ingredients; Sunflower oil *, Virgin Olive oil *, Rosemary *, Arnica *, Marjoram *, Hypericum *, Ginger *, Camphor, Virgin Beeswax. * = organic ingredients

I have tension on the tops of my shoulders; as too tension in my calf muscles. This balm works like magic! Within two days of applying this balm to the affected areas, the tension eases considerably or in the case of my calf muscles, completely disappears. N.B. please do not be put off by the smell - this balm is a godsend to tense muscles!

Love this stuff! I have chronic fatigue in my legs and ordered this, not expecting any significant effect. There are 2 occasions that demonstrated to me just how good it is. I first applied it to my legs, but not my knees. Another time I was running out, new order not yet arrived, and had only enough for one leg. On both occasions I applied the balm before bed, but was woken by pain (as was usual), but only in the areas that I had not applied the balm. I have also used it to treat a pulled ligament in my knee, with significant reduction in pain after only 2 applications. I use this after exercise and before bed (up to 3 times a day). Would not be without it!