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Baby's cream, large 120ml



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Used regularly on my own children, from baby's and now on my grandchild, this is a wonderful all round baby cream, excellent for nappy rash, small cuts, grazes and wind chapped faces etc. It is also good for sensitive skins.

Tha Calendula is a natural healer, the Chamomile anti-inflammatory and the Lavender helphealing and acts as a mild antiseptic.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil*, Chamomile*, Calendula*, Rosewater*, Carrot oil*, Beeswax, Lavender Essential Oil, Preservative Eco -benzyl alcohl, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid  * = ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

Best cream for sensitive baby skin. All natural ingredients .
I recommend !!!

A true and lovely little pot of magic! I've had eczema on the upper part of my right foot for almost eight years. There were times when it had almost cleared; other times when it was so sore and inflamed that it bled and my sock stuck to the bloodied eczema. This little pot of magic has calmed the eczema down so much in less than one week, it is visibly healing before my very eyes. Jo, you've done it again - you're the lady with the power to heal through your creams, balms and ointments. Thank you.

I love this product, it's very effective on my newborns baby acne which went away in 2 weeks, a good relief for the eczema. It cleared the eczema on the face quickly and slowly in the neck area ( stubborn area). Highly recommend it, all mild skin problems disappear. The delivery of my second order was super fast, next day it's delivered. Thank you Maggie, I wish you can make a larger cream more than 120ml.

Such a lovely product that i was recommended by a homeopath. My 1 year old has been suffering from dry skin/eczema and she wouldn't stop scratching. This amazing cream arrived in the morning and brought instant relief, by bedtime my daughter fell asleep happily unlike the past few days when she was scratching herself awake. Thank you.

I've used this cream on my wee one since birth and she has never had nappy rash. Any time there has been even a hint of redness I've applied a bit more cream and within a day it's gone. The smooth consistency means it's very easy to apply and the scent is lovely and mild. Absolutely brilliant product!

Use this on myself, absolutely fabulous!

I recommended it to my friend for her children :-)

Excellent cream - always like to have a jar handy now. Great for any kind of soreness or redness anywhere on the body. Just the other day I came in from the garden having pulled out a huge patch of Sticky Jacks and my arms were covered in sore red weals. Put some cream on at bedtime and by morning they had all but disappeared. My 11 year old daughter loves it too - it's her magic cream.

Well, i can only agree. 7 years ago, this was the only cream to relief my little girl's nappy rash. And now we are all still using it for everything that needs healing. Not to mention the gorgeous smell and consistency.

This is just a life saver! I have been using this for 11 years now on all my children, myself and my husband. Not only is it soft, smells gorgeous but works on sensitive skins for nappy rash, to dry patches, especially good for sunburn or wind burn. Scratches, sore patches of skin after a fall. I put it on a sore area of skin where one of them has had a fall, wait for them to go to sleep and by the morning the redness has faded and the area looks better. I simply cannot recommend this enough.