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Rose & Cacay Rejuvenating Facial Oil 15ml/30ml



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A luxurious, effective, pure facial oil, natural high in Retinol, containing powerful oils from Colombia to repair, renew and rejuvenate skin.

Containing Organic Cacay oil, cold pressed from Colombia, this is a powerful youth renewing oil. Cacay contains; 50% more Vitamin E & twice the linoleic acid than Argan oil and 3 x Retinol than Rosehip oil. Linoleic Acid (Vitamin F) is essential for dehydrated and dry skin, rejuvenating & protecting the skin. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. Retinol activates the natural renewal process of the skin, promotes cell regeneration and stimulates production of collagen and elastin. Squalene is beneficial in hydrating the skin and can help heal wounds quickly.

Sacha Inchiconsists of Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6(35%), Omega 9 (9%), antioxidants, proteins and is abundant in Vitamins A & E. Sacha Inichi is one of the richest plant sources of omega 3 fatty acid. Also high in Phytosterols which are compounds that stimulate pore detoxification and strengthen the skins natural lipid barrier.

Rosehip Oil; High in Omega 3 & 6 and vitamins C & E, beta carotene and Vitamin A, making this a powerful anti-aging oil that due to Vitamin A penetrates easily. The fatty acids helps promote cell regeneration and along with the other properties this makes a great oil for healing sun damaged skin, improving skin tone, texture & pigmentation.

Calendula Oil; Calendula has an incredible healing property, it's anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties make this a very gentle and yet powerful skin healer.

Vitamin C; essential in the formation of collagen, excellent antioxidant, protects the skin cells from UV damage and improves the appearance of sun damaged skin.

Coenzyme Q10; produced from yeast fermentation a food grade without solvents, an antioxidant which helps promote skin collagen, elasticity and firmness. It protects against sun damage and ageing helping to energize and rejuvenate the skin

Rose Otto steam distilled Oil; Especially good for dry, maturing skin with broken capillaries and a hormone balancer, as well as having anti-bacterial properties. The most luxurious moisturising feel good oil in the world!

  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Reduces expression lines
  • diminishes skin spots
  • improves elasticity & firmness of the skin
  • hydrates & protects the skin from sun damage
  • improves moisture retention
  • balances oil production
  • High in antioxidants and fatty acids therefore excellent for anti-aging

Ingredients:Cacay oil*, Sacha Inchi oil*, Rosehip oil*, Calendula oil*, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Rose distilled essential oil. * = Organic Ingredients

HOW TO USE; Apply 1 drop to each side of the face and 1-2 drops to the neck, gently smooth in.



Wow! This stuff is liquid gold. My skin has never felt better after using this every morning. It sinks in so nicely, leaving my skin feeling velvety soft, and it gives my face a lovely glow. I've also noticed that my skin feels a lot smoother and I don't have to exfoliate as often as before, and I'm sure it's down to this oil.

It is my first time using facial oil. I am amazed by its moisturising and smoothing power. I feel my face very soft and protected when I wake up.

*fantastisches Resultat!
bin Flugbegleiter und habe dieses Öl nach dem Fliegen auf die Haut aufgetragen, diese gewinnt Elastizität und fühlt sich automatisch regeneriert an! Bin seit zehn Jahre auf mehrere Kontinente unterwegs und habe noch nie ein derartig hoch qualitatives Produkt ausprobiert! kann es daher nur empfehlen!
* fantastic result! I am a flight attendant and have applied this oil to the skin after flying, this regains elasticity and feels automatically regenerated! I have been traveling on several continents for ten years and have never tried such a high quality product! can only recommend it!

I have excema on my face and i have tried so many natural products to help ease The dryness and itchiness. I work in the beauty sector and have to wear makeup regular, because of my skin issue i was unable to do that too. And it really made me feel less confident I have to say this oil is the best the best thijg ive used so far! I am so glad jo recommended this to me. She truly has magic in her hands.

Thankyou so much for