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Sun protection face cream 50ml



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A gentle, protective moisturiser for sensitive skins, made to give natural UVA and UVB protection and at the same time protect the skin against aging. Contains; Sesame oil: has natural sunprotection & high in omega 6. Camalina oil: natural sun protection a nourishing oil, rich in vitamins E, D & B5. Coconut oil: helps tanning, gives softness and nourishment, Rice Bran oil: Protects the skin against UV light by absorbing it, protects against premature aging, high in Vitamin E & omega 6, contains antioxidants. Aloe Vera*:anti-inflammatory, reduces scarring in burns, relieves pain from sunburn and contains twenty amino acids at least nine minerals and a number of vitamins. Vitamin E helps protect the skin and moisturise, Titanium dioxide: natural mineral that absorbs and scatters UV radiation (absorbs UVB & scatters UVA. Vitamin C: has UVA protection properties, is essential for the formation of collagen and is an excellent antioxidant. Helichrysum essential oil: wonderful honey aroma well known for its ability to heal scars, effective on acne and skin wounds including rosacea, dermatitis and eczema. Ingredients; Sesame oil *, Camalina oil*, Aloe vera *, Witch hazel water , Rice bran oil, Coconut oil*, Vitamin E (natural), Beewax, Titanium dioxide, Vitamin C, Seabuckthorn oil, Lavender Essential oil, Helichrysum essential oil.

I love this amazing cream! I use it as a daily moisturiser and it’s been so helpful at keeping my skin protected from rosacea and it feels so soothing on the skin. Thank you!

I have been using this product for over 3 years. During chemo last year it protected my skin and helped to keep it hydrated. Following chemo my skin is now super sensitive in the sun but this helps to protect it daily and keep it nourished. I love this product (as well as many others in the range) and won’t be without it now. I’m pleased to say Jo’s products have been used fir the past four years during cancer treatment and my skin has continued to glow!!

I love this cream, I tried a sample and am just about to buy the full version! It's effective and provides excellent sun protection without feeling greasy. It's lovely for my poor eczema-prone and sensitive face, and just feels like a nice nutritious moisturiser rather than traditional sticky/oily sunscreen.

I have just started using this wonderful cream in the mornings in order to prohibit further atmospheric damage. I have sensitive, very delicate skin on my cheeks and my whole face has recently become incredibly dry (it’s an age thing) meaning that wearing foundation does not enhance my complexion! I’ve found that by mixing this cream with my loose mineral powder I have the perfect solution: it glides on beautifully, my face is moisturised and protected, and coverage is just right. I have yet to test its efficacy as a sunscreen but I have high hopes.

This cream is amazing! I started getting mild rosacia and tried loads of different creams. I then came across this, my skin hardly goes red even in strong sun and high winds. It has faded the veins from the rosacia and not had any others appear since using this. All my spots have gone too! I use it as a daily moisturiser and it makes my skin glow! I would definitely recommend it for sensitive skin and if your skin goes red quickly. Thanks for an amazing product!

Just about to purchase my 2nd jar (lasted over a year of heavy use!) of this beautiful sun cream. Non-greasy & light so doesn't block pores. Smells good & keeps my skin protected from the Andalusian sun rays! Even more importantly natural ingredients & no funding the corporations. Thoroughly recommend!

I was very skeptical when using this as I thought it might not be as effective than the top brands but shockingly it works and it feels amazing to put on, doesn't leave my akin feeling greasy and although I don't recommend but it worked longer than 2hrs out in the sun.
Really love this cream and can't recommend it enough!

Absolutely love it, great texture, makes skin so soft, gentle, smells divine, protects against the sun and makes my redness less noticeable. I have sensitive skin and mild rosacea, so I need good, natural products like this for my skin. Spent hours in the sun today and no sunburn. I also apply mine 10-15 minutes before going out or applying my BB cream, makes it virtually glide onto my face. Will definitely rebuy and try other products in the future, thank you so much!:)

Just had a recent holiday in Corfu with 37 degrees, and your sun protection cream did the job perfectly as usual. I feel so lucky to have found this cream from your wonderful company that I've now been using for some years, with the added knowledge that I am not putting any harsh chemicals on my face. Thank you once again!

This cream is so rich that it feels like an indulgence to put it on. I sometimes use it as a daily moisturiser under mineral makeup, but mostly I use it after the sun has gone down to rehydrate my skin and soothe any dryness or irritation. It is one of the few creams that my very sensitive skin soaks up with no complaint. Although it works well as a moisturiser under mineral makeup, if you want to wear it under liquid base or compact makeup, I've found that it's best to apply a very small amount give it 10 or 15 minutes to absorb before putting on your makeup. :)