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Welcome to Earthbound, the organic skin care site, where you can buy our range of organic skin care and natural beauty products hand made here in Wales.

All our organic skin care, face, hand and baby creams, massage oils and soaps are handmade here in our small workshop in Wales by Jo Ordoñez.We believe that natural and organic skin care and beauty products should really be just that. The organic skin care ingredients should be of a pure, high quality and the final natural organic skin care products should be simple and effective.

Organic Skin Care - Natural Beauty Products

Earthbound products are all handmade using herbs, local beeswax, floral waters which are steam distilled and essential oils. As a result people who have sensitive skins will find our organic skin care products both effective gentle and soothing.All the ingredients are listed. The product categories can be found down the side tool bar or click on the link below.

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New - Blueberry & Vitamin C Eye gel, 15ml

                                   blueberry & Vitamin C eye gel

The ingredients used in earthbound products are all natural and mostly organically certified. The creams are made from simple herbal mixtures of cold pressed oils, plants, distilled floral waters, local welsh beeswax and sometimes essential oils. The massage and bath oils are made from macerated herbs, cold pressed oils and essential oils where needed.Most if not all our ingredients will be recognised as plants from the garden or even one that you would find in the kitchen such as the cold pressed olive oil.

There are no added harmful, chemical or synthetic ingredients, pure and simple has been the philosphy and pure and simple are the end products.Each bottle and pot of organic skin care product is packed with the vitality of living plants, the minerals and vitamins from nature and the wholeness of plants that are unrefined, to give a product which will help feed and nuture your skin passing on some of that vitality from nature!