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Eye cream, Repair & Rejuvenate (7ml or 15ml)



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Repair & Rejuvenate

A beautiful gentle, light eye cream that has 100% active ingredients to help reduce puffiness, redness and dark circles around the eyes, aswell as refresh and reduce wrinkles! Blueberry; especially for eyes, helps circulation, high in antioxidants, reduces redness, tones and rejuvenates skin. Argan oil; reduces puffiness. Fennel; tones skin and veins, reduces puffiness, minimizes wrinkles, antibacterial and decongestant. Witch hazel; anti-inflammatory, toning effect, astringent, thus helping to reduce the appearance of swelling, helps tighten up the skin and reduce bags, wonderfully refreshing for tired eyes. The Vitamin C, E and Q10 plus are all strong antioxidants helping to keep the skin looking young & of course reducing wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Ingredients: Witch hazel water *, Rosehip oil *, Argan oil *, Calendula in sunflower oil **, Blueberry oil, Local Beeswax, Vitamin E, Q10 plus, Vitamin C & fennel essential oil *. * = organic ingredient.

Product life is approx 2 years. Our prodcuts are all free of preservatives and are handmade from 100% natural ingredients without any chemical stablizers. Like other pure organic brands, long-distance shipment may cause the seperation of the floral water (witch hazel) in our products. However, it doesn't affect the quality at all, please use it with our guarantee.

quite comfortable eye cream.

wonderful product. Just bought two more larger volume ones.

I just got it last week, and i have been using one week only and i can feel the lines under my eyes has dissappear, really good effect. i am gona try the facial product now . Fantastic

It is an amazing product. The fine lines around my eyes are disappearing and it is dehydating my eyes as well. I used lots of expensive eye cream. No one can compare with this product. This is my 5th pot now. I recommend to all my friends who want to use eye cream. Love it....

Saw someone recommending this cream online saying it's a magical wrinkle eraser. I have now used a 15ml pot and it definitely improved my eye area. I'm buying my 2nd pot! Highly recommend it.

Love the new eye gel, my eyelids were really quite dry and flakey and after using the eye gel for two days. back to normal !

Wonderful cream. Ive been looking for something natural and full of goodness for years. This is my HG cream.

I love this eye cream its brilliant i have used loads of expensive creams over the years which have done nothing ,this cream is lovely

I can't wait to order this product, unfortunately I have to wait until my current eye cream gets used up!

I can't wait to order these, unfortunately I have to wait until my current eye cream is finish..