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Antibacterial Essential Oils in Face Cream

It has been a strange spring this year, and for so many a sad and difficult time. But here in Wales we have the bleating of newborn lambs surrounding us and the daffodils bobbing their yellow heads, the birds singing and making nests, the ever constant rain with the odd ray of sunshine and the news buds on the trees and hedges beginning to show.



If you need a bit of a mood-boost, I would recommend trying my some of my creams containing Neroli, which is an antibacterial essential oil.

Neroli has the most incredible uplifting effect, and the pure gentle aroma comes from orange blossoms. It also has antimicrobial & antifungal properties, as well as being an antioxidant to keep skin looking young and fresh.  

Here are the products I make with this beautiful oil in.

Seabuckthorn & Neroli Cream

Nutritive cream

Blueberry & Vitamin C Eye Gel