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The Earthbound Alphabet: F - J

At Earthbound Organics, we are very proud of our skincare products, and the variety of beautiful, natural ingredients that Jo uses to make them.

This has inspired us to create The Earthbound Alphabet, where we'll be attempting to list a full A-Z of ingredients that you'll find in our products!

This is our second installment of the Alphabet, looking at ingredients from F - J. Don't forget to check our our first installment covering A - E!


F Is For Frankincense

Frankincense in skincare, Earthbound Organics

Frankincense is a wonderful addition to natural skincare, as it contains numerous therapeutic properties that can help support healthy skin.

It is particularly beneficial for dry and mature skin, by keeping wrinkles at bay, reducing fine lines, and smoothing out complexions. Topical application offers a toning and lifting effect.
Frankincense also promotes the regeneration of healthy cells, which means it can effectively fade and heal scars, stretch marks, and diminish blemishes.
You will find Frankincense oil my Rejuvenating Cream which is an excellent moisturiser for dry skin. It's also one of the star ingredients in my Night Repair Facial Oil, working alongside sacha inchi, marula, and argan oils to rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.

G Is For Geranium

Geranium in skincare, Earthbound Organics

As a well-known hormone-balancing oil, geranium moderates the production of sebum in the skin to clear congestion.⁣ For this reason, it works particularly well on oily and mature skin, and skin prone to dermatitis and eczema.⁣
It is also excellent for oxygenating facial skin, especially where there are broken capillaries and veins. Talk about flower power! ⁣
You will find geranium essential oil in my nourishing Avocado Night Cream, as well as in my new Clear Skin Serum.

H Is For Hypericum 

Hypericum in skincare, Earthbound Organics

Commonly known as St. John's Wort, Hypericum was favoured by the ancient Greeks and Romans for treating wounds, joint pain, and even depression.⁣
It is still used today by herbalists for the same ailments, thanks to its strong antiviral, antiseptic and styptic (stops bleeding when applied to a wound) properties.⁣
It's very effective on skin inflammations, burns, cuts, scrapes, skin ulcers and sores, rashes and many other skin irruptions.⁣
This is why you will find Hypericum in my Mummy's Tummy Oil, which is a restorative ointment to feed the skin and prevent stretch marks. Hypericum also features in my Arnica & Ginger Balm; a soothing salve for aches, pains, and muscular tension. ⁣

I Is For Immortelle

Immortelle in skincare, Earthbound Organics

Immortelle is one of the best healing plant remedies for damaged skin tissue. Known to speed the healing of scars and even broken bones, it's certainly potent stuff! ⁣
As an antioxidant, it helps to renew and restore healthy skin, repairing free radical damage and stimulating cellular regeneration.⁣
This in turn reduces the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, fuelling the rumour that the name 'Immortelle' is a reference to the plant's incredible anti-aging benefits.⁣
You can find Immortelle in my Hydrate & Rejuvenate Face Gel; the perfect refreshing layer to add to your natural skincare routine.

J Is For Jojoba Oil

Jojoba in skincare, Earthbound Organics

Jojoba liquid wax is a wonderful skincare ingredient, which softens, protects and helps skin to hold moisture.⁣
Jojoba is naturally comodegenic, meaning it doesn't clog pores, owing to the fact that it mimics the skin’s own sebum.⁣ This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to balance oil production in the skin and treat acne.⁣
It also has fabulous anti-wrinkle properties due to its high in Vitamin E content, which helps to remove free radicals that cause skin aging.⁣
You can find jojoba in my bestselling Jojoba & Vitamin E Moisturiser, which is a wonderful cream for dry, sensitive skin.

So, that's F - J of The Earthbound Alphabet, and K - N will be coming soon...