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The Earthbound Alphabet: F - J

At Earthbound Organics, we are very proud of our skincare products, and the variety of beautiful, natural ingredients that Jo uses to make them. This has inspired us to create The Earthbound Alphabet, where we'll be attempting to list a full A-Z of ingredients that you'll find in our products! This is our second installment of the Alphabet, looking at ingredients from F - J. Don't forget to check our our first installment covering A - E!   F Is For Frankincense Frankincense is a wonderful addition to natural skincare, as it contains numerous therapeutic properties that can help support healthy skin. It is particularly beneficial for dry and mature skin, by keeping wrinkles at bay, reducing fine lines, and...

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The Earthbound Alphabet: A - E

The Earthbound Alphabet is an A - Z list of ingredients which feature in our range of luxury organic skincare. This installment looks at A - E, from Aloe Vera to Elderflower.

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Earthbound Launches Organic Hand Sanitiser for Sensitive Skin

My organic hand sanitiser combines luxurious ingredients with high-grade 62% ethanol, which kills bacteria and enveloped viruses like Covid-19. With precious Sacha Inchi oil, organic aloe vera, healing hypericum, vitamin E, and lavender essential oil, I have created a soothing hand sanitiser for even sensitive skin.

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Antibacterial Essential Oils in Face Cream

If you need a bit of a mood-boost, I would recommend trying my some of my creams containing Neroli, which is an antibacterial essential oil. Neroli has the most incredible uplifting effect, and the pure gentle aroma comes from orange blossoms.

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Trip to Colombia 2019

This winter I escaped to Colombia and went on another adventure to find some incredible ingredients. We (my husband & I) travelled on his Honda 125 to The Putumayo region in the south which is hot and tropical, although the journey there, ranged from a nippy cold, wet climate over the top of the paramount to the heavy humid heat of the jungle.

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