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Hello, I'm Jo; the founder and owner of Earthbound Organics.

We are based in Wales at our small farm, where we have a few sheep, two horses and very important cat.

It's here at the farm where we grow some of the herbs that we use in the skin products, such as Calendula, Comfrey, Chamomile & Hypericum. And it's riding and living in the beautiful welsh hills that brings inspiration and ideas.

Earthbound was born in 1998 after we returned from living in Navarra northern Spain to live in Wales. I had been making herbal balms with oil, wild herbs and beeswax and came home with ideas for face creams. My background in chemistry, biology and aromatherapy enables me to make my own formulas.

My love for nature and a life that didn't pollute our planet, as well as two young healthy children, were my inspiration for my products.

I believe that organic skin care shouldn't cost the earth and what goes on our body also goes in. Thus it is the high quality and purity of our ingredients that are the most important part of our production.

Significantly we don't add in any chemical preservatives such as any of the parabens. All our ingredients are listed and will be recognised as ingredients found in any kitchen and herb garden. It is this and the simplicity of my recipes that feed and nurture the skin; leaving it glowing with health and vitality.