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Active Serum for Men 50ml
Active Serum for Men 50ml
Active Serum for Men 50ml

Active Serum for Men 50ml

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A rejuvenating, uplifting & refreshing, moisturiser that is oil free but rehydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Particulary good for sensitive skin and to be used as an aftershave gel or as a daily moisturiser.

I have chosen and mixed the following ingredients:

Orange Flower Water; refreshing and soothing for sensitive skin.

Aloe vera; smoothes fine lines and hydrates helping to support and restore elasticity, high in B vitamins, antioxidant, contains 18 amino acids that work together to heal and soothe dry, irritated skin contains essential vitamins and minerals that help to fight off free radicals that may cause wrinkling.

Vegetable Glycerine; retains moisture, thus preventing premature aging, reduces dryness, moisturising and antioxidant properties.

Hyaluronic acid; Popularly called “The Fountain of Youth”, this Hyaluronic Acid is made by producing enzymes from a bacteria-based bio fermentation process and NOT sourced from poultry (roosters' combs), as are many others. Hyaluronic acid is what gives the skin its volume and fullness. Aging can result in the loss of hyaluronic acid, which in turn results in skin that has less volume and the formation of wrinkles and folds. Its hydrating properties result in increased skin smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles. It also protects the cell structure and defending against external threats and bacterial infections. It is the most efficient humectant that can attract from 600-1000 times its own weight in water so it plumps up the skin and gives it volume.

Vitamin B3; is soothing and anti-inflammatory - relieves redness as in rosacea, dry or irritated skin. Supports cell growth, prevents skin aging and improves the appearance of aging skin by stimulating new fibroblasts and collagen increasing skin elasticity. Helps impart a more even-looking skin tone by lightening the skin and reducing age spots, blemishes and blotches and alters acne -prone skin to a more normal skin type.

Liftonin; reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Developed in Switzerland, it has been specially designed to improve the skin structure. Its active ingredients are botanical silicon from millet and skin-tautening tannins from the oak.

Pseudo Collagen has been extracted from the intra-cellular matrix from yeast cells. Collagen fibrils provide the rigid dermal framework around which the moisture binding proteoglycan structure is woven. Elastin fibrils supply the whole structure due to their elasticity. The appearance of the skin is directly proportional to its ability to bind water. Upon ageing, the collagen and elastin content in connective tissue reduces with an accompanying decrease in ability to retain moisture. The skin becomes thinner, takes on an aged appearance and often develops wrinkles.

Vitamin E; (natural) - antioxidant, which protects against the destruction of the connective tissue caused by free radicals. Non-GMO. The vitamin will absorb the sun's dangerous ultra-violet rays which are responsible for the reddening of the skin, ultraviolet rays and the free radicals age the skin more quickly reducing its elasticity and creating wrinkles. Vitamin E therefore works to prevent wrinkles, stimulates the blood circulation and regulates the skin's elasticity.

Carageen( seaweed) softening and protecting.

Calendula; healing.

Ylang Ylang; has balancing, anti-aging and antiseptic properties for the skin.

Regarding our Men's range: we believe that skincare is for everybody, and any person can use any product from our entire range. However, we offer a dedicated Men's range to give people the option. Some people can take some prompting to look after their skin, so if our Men's range encourages them to indulge in a little self care, then we're all for it. 


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