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Arnica & Ginger balm 10ml
Arnica & Ginger balm 10ml

Arnica & Ginger balm 10ml

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A wonderful balm for bumps, bruises and sore muscles. It works well on muscular tension such as that found in the neck and shoulders. Arnica is well known for is help in preventing bruising, hypericum works as an anti-inflammatory and often used to treat sciatica, low back pain and muscle aches, ginger - anti-inflammatory sometimes used to treat arthritis, Both Rosemary and Marjoram work well on muscles post exercise, Camphor is warming and Tumeric a powerful anti-inflammatory and with pain reducing effects.  N.B. Should not be used on broken skin. 

  • Prevents aching and aids recovery of muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Prevents bruising

    Also Arnica & Ginger Balm available in 50g and 120g sizes


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