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Shea Scalp & Body Conditioner 120ml

Shea Scalp & Body Conditioner 120ml

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The Shea butter used in this wonderful natural, organic body cream and is extremely special and pure. It comes from West Africa where it is hand extracted by women who pound the small almond like nuts. It has not been purified in any way and therefore contains all the essential nutrients in its raw state, i.e high in Vitamins, E, A and F as well as fatty acids. Mixed with organic calendula oil this makes a rich body butter. The Shea scalp and body conditioner does what the label says. Massaged into the scalp for dry, itchy, flaky scalp conditions and left for 15mins - overnight it will work wonders! It is also a gorgeous body conditioner and can be used in two ways; 1. Massaged into the skin before a bath, then relax in a hot bath letting the essential Sandalwood oil soften and relax, creating a luxurious milky bath. Once you have pat dried your skin you will find the skin conditioned, soft and moisturised all in one! 2.Highly recommended for very dry and sensitive skins, rub in to particularly dry areas as a moisturising butter and it will prevent chafing, chapping as well as soothing dry skin, such as psoriasis and eczema. 


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