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Rejuvenating Cream 50ml



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This is an excellent cream for dry and maturing skins. Macadamia oil helps replenish the palmitoleic acid in the skin's oil (sebum), which diminishes as we get older, Carrot oil is rich in vitamins B, C, D and E, Lime blossom helps soothe the skin and fight wrinkles and Frankincense with it's beautiful woody relaxing scent and which is known to encourage skin cell growth, making this cream an effective, natural rejuvenator. Ingredients; Rosewater *, Carrot oil *, Lime Blossom oil *, Macadamia oil, Virgin Beeswax, Frankincense oil. * = Organic ingredients

I have been using this wonderful product over 4 years now and I would highly recommend it. I love the texture and the smell too. My skin complexion looks more healthy and radiant. Furthermore this product does exactly what the description says, so I know I can trust Jo's creams, especially having my skin very reactive and sensitive.
Made a great gift for my friends and mum!

I bought a gift bag of six sample creams. I've been using this cream in the evening. It's a good combination with the same eye cream. It's very moisturising and easily well absorbed by skin. It feels a bit oily, but actually not. Strongly recommend the product for dry skin, as it helps me a lot.

Apart from all the wonderful developments in rejuvenating my skin, this cream smells heavenly - quite literally! Frankincense is used in many cultures for meditation since it calms and focuses the mind. For me it evokes peaceful thoughts and dreamy landscapes... perfect for bedtime bliss before radiant mornings. Love it! thank you Jo x

I was looking for a pure and natural cream. This is it. Perfect. Who needs harsh chemicals when these creams do a wonderful job without them

I bought a sample of this cream to try and I love it! I am using it as a night cream and the smell is just divine and it's very moisturizing.