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Chickweed & Calendula Cream 120ml



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This is a cream that I have been making for friends for years, especially to treat excema, chaffing, sore red skin patches and sensitive skin. For some it works and for others it just soothes , but it is made with all the best ingredients to do especially this and I only hope it can work for more people. "I would like to let you know how pleased I am with the above product it really helps my daughter's eczema and it is also fading a scar on her leg left by a moluscum" Ingredients: Chickweed *macerated in sunflower oil *, Calendula * macerated in sunflower oil *, Aloe vera *, virgin welsh beeswax, Preservative Eco - Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Glycerin, Sorboc Acid * = organic ingredients

This cream is amazing! I have rosacea and used it on my cheeks everynight after washing my makeup off for one week and it has made such a HUGE difference! It's literally taken away my redness on my cheeks and helped clear up acne and gives me glowing beautiful skin! Thank you so so much


Lovely gentle cream ingredients wise, but powerful in its effects! The red patches round my husband's eyes (possibly excema or grass allergy) have gone down hugely after using a small amount of this cream.

Speedy delivery, a little hand written note which was a nice touch. Will be recommending to friends.

this cream has revolutionised my skin and also the skin of my partner who suffers from eczema. my skin was very dry before and by using this at night on my face, it has helped so much. love the consistency and smell of it it. great product.

AMAZING PRODUCT!!! I cannot believe how much this little pot has helped my 8mth old daughters eczema. Before Earthbound, we were waking every 30mins to an hour throughout the entire night, with severe itching. I relied on HC creams to ease the itch for a day or 2 then it would start again, it was agony to watch! Since finding this product, I now only use HC for severe flare ups and my daughters skin is beautifully baby soft once more, thank you sooooooo much Earthbound.

This cream is fantastic and has been a lifesaver for my daughter. It is the only cream which has consistently soothed the skin and allowed it to heal after a bout of very itchy sore eczema.

I have always relied on almond oil to moisturise the skin on my face but now, approaching 40 years young, i felt like i needed something extra so asked a friend whose skin always looks youthful what she uses. This is what she recommended and i can see why. It works wonders for my tired and wrinkly face and makes me want to smile more. Thanks!

I cannot say enough about your fantastic Chickweed & Calendula Cream. My daughter has had eczema since she was a few months old. At 16 months, the eczema had spread all over her body with very large patches on her thighs. She often scratches and makes it bleed and her food intolerances mean that the eczema gets very itchy, red and sore. After trying many products (prescribed and natural), I ordered the Chickweed & Calendula cream not really expecting much. But this cream has brought so much relief for my daughter. It soothes the itchiness and keeps the skin soft. The calendula in this cream is so healing that even when she has scratched a lot and the skin is very sore, after a few applications of this cream, it starts to heal. The cream is easy to apply to the skin and is the perfect consistency - not too light and not overly thick and a little goes a long way! Whenever my daughter starts to scratch, she actually now says, “mummy, cream” because it provides her with so much relief. This cream is the simplest formulation of all the organic/natural eczema creams I have tried and is definitely the most effective. Many other creams have an overpowering smell, but this cream has a very gentle aroma and is a pleasure to put on. I never thought I’d say that about any treatment creams for my daughter! The relief from her symptoms was almost immediate and almost two months on, her skin is well on its way to healing fully. The patches are softer, smoother and lighter and smaller patches have already started to disappear. Thank you so, so much for such a wonderfully healing product!

I have eczema and very dry skin on my calves and this cream has been great. Normally, any cream I apply will help for a little while to retain the moisture, but after a couple of hours, the skin dries out again. But with this cream, the skin stays moisturised for ages! It definitely soothes the itching and helps the skin to heal. What a great product!

And even more – I have had these blisters on the side of my mouth for about a year now that started as cold sores, but never went away. The skin starts to heal and then gets broken again. Out of desperation I tried the steroid cream my GP had prescribed. Although it healed it, the blisters returned and I tried it again with same results. Reluctant to use the steroid cream again, especially considering the healed skin seemed to change to a slightly darker colour, I thought I’d try the chickweed & calendula cream. I knew the ingredients to be safe even if ingested a little bit, so I started applying this cream to the corners of my mouth several times daily. The blisters have started to heal and the darkened skin is returning to normal!

Suffice to say, this cream has been a permamnent fixture in my house for almost 6 years!

My toddler had very dry skin al over his body like sandpaper. We believe it is due to swimming a lot...plus the cold/warm weather . So every night i would rub the cream over his body, when he was asleep after 3 days of doing this his skin is much better and smooth to the touch. Thank you